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“Mr. Electric”

Turkey, Crispy Proscuitto, Avocado, Provolone cheese, pickled jalapeno, organic baby greens and sliced fresh tomatoes. On an authentic French baguette.

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Prosciutto Mozzarella

Boar’s Head Proscuitto, fresh Mozzarella cheese, fresh sliced tomatoes, mix of organic arugula and baby greens from the Maggies Farm at the Venice Farmer’s Market. Topped Extra Virgin olive oil and Balsamic vinaigrette for the finishing touch. On an authentic French baguette.

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Crispy Proscuitto, Egg & Cheese

Two farm fresh fried eggs, Boar’s Head Proscuitto thinly sliced and oven-baked to a crispy perfection, and provolone cheese. On an authentic French baguette. Try it with a little of our favorite hot sauce, All Spice Café’s Chipotle Garlic Sauce.

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