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Zelda’s Corner is a deli that wouldn’t feel out of place in a New England University town. The menu contains references to the Northeast and makes use of maple syrup in several sandwiches, also offering maple-bacon mini-donuts. Zelda’s specializes in clever sandwiches, most of which are created with Diestel Family organic free range turkey. The centerpiece of the deli counter is a Rube Goldberg mini donut machine, the type you’d find at a state fair stall. It’s an immediate eye-catcher, and the smell of fried-to-order donuts is irresistible. As good as Zelda’s sandwiches are, the little pop-em sized cake donuts are the main event — an unmissable attraction for visitors to Venice Beach. They come out of the fryer hot and dark brown, slightly crisp on the outside and custardy in the middle. You can get a few different glazes or powdered sugar, but we like them with cinnamon sugar, which lends well to snacking from a little paper pouch. Good advice: Get more than you think you’ll want. Once they cool and the cake sets, they remain tasty all day. You will miss them when they’re gone.

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— Maggie Rosenberg & Trevor Hagstrom


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On Twitter, the column prompted a wide-ranging conversation about new and old L.A. I encouraged people to talk about their favorite places — the ones already gone and the ones we might work together to keep going. For days, they waxed lyrical about their city — about the martinis at Musso’s, the view of twinkling lights from Mulholland, the taste of the macaroni salad at a place called Zelda’s Corner in Venice.

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— Nita Lelyveld


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Zelda’s is the greatest sandwich and donut place in Venice you’ve never heard of. That’s probably because it’s right off the boardwalk, but if a bad location is what it takes for this place to not be slammed at all times, then so be it. Your order is a bag of donuts (yes, a brown paper bag), and the turkey, cheddar, maple, and apple sandwich that we’re surprised they don’t have patented. While you wait for your order to come out, you can watch as the sugar donuts make their way down a conveyer belt, get dumped into hot oil, and fry right in front of you. It will be the best moment of your day. Until you eat them.

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— Katherine Lewin


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Zelda's Corner sandwich shop with the striped awning is just around the corner from always-kooky Venice Beach, which is mayhem in summer, but worth braving not just for its superlative sandwiches (Mr. Electric FTW!), but also its mini donuts. Fried to order, the bite-sized bombs can be glazed (pro-tip: go with maple bacon, which is topped with the same rich, fatty bacon used in their sandwiches) or dusted with cinnamon sugar (making them kind of like churros in donut form).

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— Tiffany Tse


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'Hi Greg!' shouts Edward Klevens, the new chef/owner of Zelda’s Corner. The sandwich shop at the corner of Westminster Avenue and Speedway is probably best known for its cinnamon-sprinkled mini donuts, but Greg comes in about once a week for a cup of chili and bread.

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— Jessica Koslow